#18 – *Trigger warning*: The most pointless Instagram accounts

Hi folks,

I was debating whether or not to write about this topic because a part of me preempted the backlash I could receive from offending people and a part of me also saw the entertaining side of blogging about my honest opinions.

Evidently, I’ve decided to go ahead with this risqué post since it’s here, live and published. I figured that this is what I want my blog to be about. I want it to be about genuine opinions that aren’t candy-coated. So long as I provide clear justifications, I figured I could make things work, so HERE GOES!

There are so many different surfaces on which people can adhere to when it comes to social media.  A few of these include, photography, fashion & styling, beauty, travel, food, fitness, nature and animals. The wider you cast your net across these categories, I guess the more diverse your content becomes, which increases your chances of hitting more categories of people, since they’re likely to adhere to at least one or more of the facets that you promote.

A common thread among social media influencers with a large following is that they have built their empire on quality and consistent content that many people can adhere to. Some accounts are more popular than others because they promote artistic/musical/ literary talent, because the person is a Hollywood star, because the person is humorous or because they promote sex appeal. These influencers are skilled at curating aesthetically pleasing content and I feel incredibly happy (and slightly amused) for the people who have found their niche on social media and are absolutely killing it (@Corgisinfood). Good on you for hacking the social media code and creating a community of engaged and passionate followers!

On the other end of the spectrum, there are accounts out there with mediocre content, mediocre captions and little diversity and yet they still have a hoard of followers. Sure, they’ve nailed the element of consistency (by posting skimpy selfies of themselves every day), but the uninspiring captions which often have little to no relevance to the selfie disgruntles me and makes me think what the f***s the point of that? Was that umpteenth tit pic really necesssary or did you post that purely to keep the numbers up and gain more likes and follows?

Before I make the decision to follow anyone, I take into account whether they’re genuine, relate-able, they provide inspiration (beauty, fashion, styling, interior deco), talented at telling captivating stories (@humansofny), or provide humorous entertainment (@sophiecachia_). Humour is a big make it or break it factor for me. I don’t tend to follow many celebrity or fashion brand accounts because they feel too commercialised. Essentially I’m very choosy with who I want to draw inspiration from. So when I come across an account with a large followership and unstimulating content, I can’t help but swear in my head and question why they have such a large following?! The numbers just don’t add up? Did you buy followers? Did you enlist the help of a click farm?


I forgot.

Sex sells. Sex appeal gets likes. Sexiness is cool.

Guaranteed you post a picture of a busty babe and post a separate photo of a normal gal in a sweet floral dress, the busty babe will rake in more likes.

These accounts which promote sex appeal are the ones that I find hard to adhere to. You objectify women and you oversexualise women. You provide a breeding ground for perverted men. Accounts featuring gals with a certain look; platinum blonde/ ashy dyed hair, intense make up, lots of tits and ass, monochromatic tones are particularly hard to adhere to as well. I guess their inability to embrace natural features from head to toe makes me cringe. The ‘fakeness’ of the look makes me cringe and so I scroll right past them. There’s nothing wrong with makeup and being passionate about the beauty industry! Also, there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery if that makes you feel more confident! YOU DO YOU! I have considered getting breast implants on many occasions myself. But please, don’t forget that you’re beautiful without all these modifications and that there ARE other things you can take pictures of/ share with the world. Don’t forget that people are attracted to your personality and that’s what makes you unique. Not your face, not your body. People love honesty and we’re interested in HUMAN interactions. It’s tiring seeing beautiful gals making their true roots! Guaranteed you don’t go to bed looking like that lol.

As an aside, I guess my desire to showcase a diversity of content fuelled the birth of this blog. I created it because I wanted to have full control over the content of this site, without having to adhere to the invisible rules that we’ve created for Instagram; where it’s taboo to post more than 3 times a day, it’s taboo to have really length captions because no one will read them, because Instagram has implemented an algorithm-driven feed, “ordered to show the moments [they] believe you will care about the most”.

I actually created three Instagram accounts at one point because I felt that it was taboo to push out artistic content (doodles), fashion content (outfit posts) and daily life (food, landscape, travel posts) all in one feed. I’ve managed to overcome that “invisible rule” by creating this blog as I’m able to showcase all of these passions through the one channel without feeling judged, or without algorithms tampering with what content is salient/ what’s not.

😊 I think I’ll end this post here!

Hope you enjoyed!

Funky doodles to accompany post *coming soon*

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