#7 – I crave artistic creativity

Hey dudettes,
Straight up, I flatlayed my sh*t on a rug. If you’re an animal activist please remain calm. Calm yo farm because this ain’t real fur. It’s synthetic!

The biggest thing I forgot to mention with starting this blog is that it brought me closer to the one thing I missed the most: artistic creativity.

Reflecting on the last time I did a proper art project, it was when I was high school for a visual arts project. I nailed that sh*t and spent hours perfecting the final piece. I also think this was the last time I ever did an assignment that didn’t actually feel like ‘work’. It was the last time I actually looked forward to receiving my marks and being graded. 

This blog is my creative outlet to express my passion for art, sketching styling and fashion. To show how much artistic depth there is to me. Recently when I was at a networking event, someone approached me to ask if I was a design student. You have no idea how stoked I was! 

I don’t know why, but I get deeply flattered when people compliment my style or taste in music. It’s like, thank you for noticing and thank you for appreciating!!

I whipped up these flatlays this morning. I hope they bring you as much visual satisfaction as it does for me.

Top: Cecilie Copenhagen
Portable phone charger: Cygnett 
Joanne necklace: My beloved Godmother 💕 
Louis Vuitton Papillon: Vintage – from eBay
Cat mirror: Tony Moly Oil Blotting paper
Tops: Topshop AU
Makeup: MAC (from Ally💕), NARS, Body Shop, Tony Moly
Reflective sunglasses: From Rozelle markets
Rose gold rings: a mixture of rings from a Korean jeweller in Eastwood (love their stuff!), Pastiche Jewellery and a vintage necklace from Mum 💕
Pink fluffy pompom: Gifted

I feel like the product descriptions are visible enough for these photos to go captionless! If you’re curious about anything, just holla at me down in the comments below.

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