#6 – How I shop for designer

Hey y’all,
What are you up to on this beautiful Sunday morning? Brunching perhaps? Or the Bay run?
Ya gurl is currently a hooman burrito, dressed head-to-toe in Peter Alexander, wrapped up in my fluffy pink gown. After finishing this blog post I’ll be going straight back into essay writing for my beloved Labour Law unit. YEAH REAL FUN.
If you follow me on Instagram you may have watched my Instagram stories which captured snippets of footage from L-Dawgs birthday dinner partay @ The Apollo Restaurant last night! The night was filled with nothing but YUMS, HUGS and LOTSA LOVE 💓  Thank you for having us and you were glowing gurl. Whatever it is that you’re on, gimme some of that glow! The Apollo serves delicious greek food so definitely check it out if that’s yo thang.
Now, if you know me real well, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with fashion. I love new and shiny but I also love vintage and quirky. I’m the type of gal who saves money on food and just life in general to fund my clothes-spending habits. To put it in a nut shell, I’m a bargain hunter and I like to shop for designer on a shoe-string budget. 
BUT HOW does one do this?!
By actively joining buy/swap/sell Facebook groups for high end labels and of course, trawling through eBay!
For a while now, I was obsessed with a brand called Realisation Par, which stock beautifully simple, feminine and flirty silk dresses. I had my eyes on one particular dress, “The Ozzie – Navy Star” but whoa! $170USD for a dress?! Sorry. That’s WAY out of my budget and faaaaaaar from what I’d actually be  comfortable with paying.
So the search began.
I jumped on FB groups and found that all second hand dresses were selling for $180-200. Still too expensive.
I jumped on eBay and somehow got REALLY lucky and purchased The Ozzie for $120! I was cheering! I purchased it in a medium thinking it would fit me okay, but my lack of boobage meant the chest area was flapping about. I was devastated. So of course, I sold the same dress on eBay for $190. WINNING. Made a bit of $$!
After searching extensively on eBay I came across an absolute GEM and immediately snapped it up! I present to you, my recent WIN, a vintage Topshop beige clover dress from the Kate Moss line! 
It’s essentially the same design but I think I paid $60 for it including shipping? It was shipped from the UK.
I hope y’all like my little lookbook. 
Peace out HAM FAM 

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