#4 – Many realisations

Hola Amigos 🙉

TGIF IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER 🙌   Doesn’t that just excite you?! 

This photo was taken on a beach somewhere in Fiji a few years back. Isn’t the scenery just idyllic? You can almost feel the light ocean breeze, hear the light rustle of the palm leaves, and the gentle lapping of the waves. I recall buying myself a freshly cut coconut and lying on that very sun chair and absorbing all the beauty in. I know. It’s a freaking dream. 🌴

Doodling/ sketching/ letting your imagination unravel for 10-15 uninterrupted minutes a day is proven to be extremely helpful with improving your concentration and focus. 

I’m proud of the progress that I’ve made so far with starting this blog and keeping it live and running. As mentioned previously, I made a promise with myself to commit myself to blogging because I want to be binary with life and I’m going to stick to that. No more half arsed or unfinished projects! Honestly speaking, I struggled with finding a comfortable rhythm around blogging at first; of when and how often I should blog in a week. So far, I’ve noticed that my itch to blog develops late at night. So keep watching this space for more posts around this hour!
The key thing I wanted to talk about in this post is my realisation that…
Life is so much richer when you surround yourself with inspiring people and when you live with intensity.
Inspiring people are the brave ballsy ones. They’re the kind of people who challenge the status quo and push boundaries. They’re the adventurous, open minded ones who are hyper aware of their flaws, their areas for improvement, their friends and loved ones. These people do exist, you just need to actively search for them. The people around you become a reflection of you. Just remember that.
Audit your friendships and be brutal with who stays and who goes (I trust that you have good judgment) and then invest quality time in these relationships! This is what will help you grow.
Are you naturally a little negative? Do you have little to no motivation right now? We can also change that around. But it starts with stripping things away and learning to be genuinely grateful with everything you have. Once you start being grateful, and you surround yourself with great people, you’ll feel inspired to become like them!
Take education for example. You might hate your degree, and the assessments might be soul crushing but think of it like this. Be intense and go ACE that assessment to make your lecturer proud. Go ACE that assessment to showcase all the talent you have to your examiner. Go PLUNGE yourself in the subject and soak up the new knowledge. Be a try hard. Try hard in everything you do.
Eek perhaps the quality of this post is diminishing. I can feel my eyes getting droopier. 
Gooodnight HAM FAM xx 

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