#38- 12 things that make my eye twitch when on the train

Morning pals!

How was your long weekend? What did y’all get up to?

If I were to pick three of the “coolest” things I got up to over the weekend, it’d have to be:

  1. Mike and I discovered the best pizza place EVER: Fratelli Fresh inside City Westfield. The reason why we had such a joyous time here was because you can order custom topping pizza that’s freshly baked in an open pizza oven (authentic AF) at a flat price of $14!! As you can probably imagine, we went CRAZY on the toppings. Trust me on this; they don’t skimp out on topping so definitely go here if you’re keen for Italian J
  2. My skin has been breaking out recently so I proactively took measures to clear my skin by purchasing a clear acrylic receptacle to store my make up brushes. I’m hoping that this will minimise exposure to dust, which will in turn keep my brush heads clean.
  3. Dad and I collected 74 recyclable bottles and took FULL advantage of the Container Deposit scheme. We recycled and made $7.40!!!

Really quickly before I go into the subject matter of the blog post, I’d like to thank all the people who voted on my Facebook Poll “Whens’ the ideal time to read blog posts?” couple weeks back. The general consensus for prime time to read blog posts was “mornings – on the way to work”.

With that said, I thought this post would be a very relatable morning read. It’s pretty self explanatory.


1. People who sit backwards. THIS IS ROGUE BEHAVIOUR and gives me the SHITS. LOOK, the ONLY time sitting backwards is acceptable is when you’re with a group of friends, or if the train is really quiet and empty.

2. People who can’t be f*cked shifting seats or seating themselves in an economical way, resulting in other passengers missing out on a seat.

3. People who sit unnecessarily close to you on the train.

4. Inconsiderate people who lean their shit on you.5. People who do their morning call on the train – m8 no one wants to hear your voice for 40 f*cking minutes straight.

6. People who listen to voice recordings on loud speaker instead of using headphones.

7. People who disrespect public property and who don’t have the decency to throw their f*cking banana peels or coffee cups or Redbull cans in the bin. Nobody f*cking wants to step in a sticky puddle of grime. PUT YOUR SH*T IN THE BIN.

8. People who leave head grease on the window glass.

9. People who put their bags on the seat in peak hour when seats are in high demand.

10. People bunch up in the main entrance compartment of the train as opposed to moving down or up the carriage.

11. People who wait smack bang in front of the door and enter the carriage first instead of letting passengers out.

12. People who stand infront of the door even if they’re not getting on the fucking train.

Let’s all be considerate towards each other when using public transport. The little things count and make the world a better place.

Have a great day everyone!

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