#34 – I dropped the ball on Iamennaojkim (soz): life update

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Hi everyone!

How y’all doing on this drizzly Saturday?

It’s been 40 days since my last post here and it feels great to be back! You know that feeling when you’ve been on an extended holiday and you start missing your own bed, so you finally return and sink into the comfiness your fluffy blankets and you feel complete again?  Yeah. That comfy feeling of returning to my own bed is how I feel about opening up my WP dashboard and writing this post in my floofy robe with a cup of tea ☕️

What prompted me to end my hiatus at 40 days?

I coincidentally received nudges from two friends (a m8 living in HK and a uni m8, you know who you are and thank you again) on the same day about why Iamennaojkim.com was all tumbleweeds and cricket noises. These simple gestures ignited my motivation to post again amidst all the stress/ exams/ and negative influences that I’m currently dealing with.

I get it. It was just a nudge, but it’s the little things that count. I’m grateful for their curiosity and the time they took to check in with me and these nudges are why I’m back earlier than expected (I was planning to pick up my game after being done with exams). These little things matter to me.

Believe it or not, these blog posts don’t materialise out of thin air.

I don’t pull these blog posts out of my asshole and throw my arms up into the air once I hit publish. I carefully craft each post and these posts take several hours to publish.

Here’s why:

I have a bank of topics (like an ideas board) where I’m constantly adding to or brainstorming rough headings and points I can raise under each heading. I’ll choose a topic depending on my mood on that given day, and I’ll flesh out a first draft. For every blog post I produce about 3-4 drafts before it finally goes to being published.

I include illustrations. Illustrations take time.

A friend approached me and commented, “Oh I love those doodles, where did you get them from?”

GURL, I DREW THEM HAHA! These aren’t from Getty Images; I draw all of my doodles with my bare hands.

I’m a visual person and a big fan of humour so I love including illustrations to complement my writing. I draw all my illustrations on pen and paper, photograph it, put it through a few editing tools to sharpen the images and increase the contrast and then I insert them into the blog post.

As you can see, all of this takes a bit of time. Yes, I am bothered to do all of this because I enjoy it. Why would I do something that I don’t enjoy?

I want to clear a few things up.

I started this blog because it’s my creative outlet. It’s incredible how healing and therapeutic this little internet diary has been for me for sh*tty days.

I want to reiterate that I’m not producing this content to please you or to become some flipping “famous blogger“. HECK!!!! I’m doing this all for myself, my sanity and for my happiness.

If you’re enjoying the content because you find it relatable/ humorous / interesting thank you so much! I want to bear hug you in person. When I first announced to my loved ones that I was going to start a blog, they kept it real and told me not to expect anyone to read it, because not everyone will care. Bearing this in mind, I get genuinely surprised and my heart wells with happiness every time someone comes up to me to tell me that they’ve read a post of mine. Google analytics gives me ample data on the amount of traffic, average page retention times and onsite activity of my blog but I don’t really have much data on who reads my blogs. I actually don’t know who reads my blogs but whoever you are, hello and thank you!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and constructive feedback on my blog is always welcome, particularly if you feel like I’ve completely missed the nail. For example, if the post was a “How to guide” and you feel like my post was ambiguous and wasn’t informative enough then I would want to make that right. Or if you found it hard to engage with my style of writing because I babble on too much, just tell me!

But… here’s the thing. I run this town and I run what I want to discuss in my blogs. I’m also pretty cautious about the extent to which I should/ shouldn’t divulge my private life. I would prefer if you didn’t f*cking lecture me on what I can/should/can’t post because I am very capable of making that distinction myself. Common sense isn’t all that common, but I do have an ounce of it.

If this blog isn’t your cup of tea, then this isn’t for you. There’s a magic button which allows you to minimise the screen and move on with your daily life. Feel free to click that flipping button and move the f*ck along please, thank you, arigatou gozaimasu, cheers love.

Life updates

My bf and I reached our 2 year anniversary! YEY!

Thank you for all your lovely compliments re: the pink satin dress that I wore to the dinner. It’s from Maurie & Eve and is called “Apache” in Desert Flower and is completely sold out! I am selling this dress in a size 10 in FANTASTIC condition, so feel free to contact me if you’re interested in picking this one up or hiring it for an event!

I have a few weeks of my law degree left! YEY!

If you know me well, I’m hella glad to be getting outta here. I talk more about my journey and my feelings as I near the very end of my degree here. Take a read!

I’m turning 24 in 9 days! YEY!

I am a November, Scorpio, Rooster baby. Hola to my fellow roosters.

I’ll be clearing out half of my wardrobe and selling this on eBay post exams! YEY!

I’ve decided that I need to minimise my belongings and so I’ll be selling half my wardrobe on eBay once I’m done with my exams 🙂 WATCH THIS SPACE TO SHOP MY STUFF x

Let me help you sell your items! YEY!

As you all know, I’m a very avid seller on eBay/ Facebook/ Gumtree.

Recently I’ve helped a lady sell $2000 worth of furniture, I’ve helped a colleague sell her Gucci shoes for $500, and I’ve helped a bloke sell about $400+ worth of designer clothing.

I am currently in the midst of taking bookings from people to help sell their knickknacks.

The services I offer:

(1) Photography of items

(2) Cataloguing the items and creating a description

(3) Researching into the market price of the item

(4) Customer service and sales support

If you’re interested in getting rid of your stuff, I’d love to help you! Feel free to reach out so we can discuss : )

Before I go, here’s the playlist that I’ve currently been playing on loop!

Enjoy x

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