#33 – Ya gurl became a meme queen

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Hi folks,

I hope you had a ripper of a weekend and you’re easing well into the start of the week! On my end of the world, I spent my weekend at the beach sneaking in a lil vit D and patting every strangers’ dog on the streets as per usual. Nothing new yknowwhatimsayin.

In today’s post I have a special announcement to make.

*Drum roll*

I’ve decided to flip the table and pursue an entirely new career.

I want to become a Meme Queen.

If you know me well, you’ll know that I live for memes, dog pics and dog videos across all social media platforms. I consider meme-tagging as one of the highest forms of flattery and one of the strongest forms of friendship, they’re like little internet gifts that remind you a certain someone has been thinking about you. They’re like little internet gifts that instantly brighten up your day! There’s nothing better than letting out a snorty laugh while on the train to work or uni because you’ve been tagged in something ridiculously hilarious.

On the flip side there’s nothing worse than checking your notifications and realising you haven’t been tagged in anything… When this happens I go into foetal mode and question whether there’s any point in living. So this is an open plea to you all: please tag me in some memes *praying hands*.

Back to my newfound passion: to become a meme warrior/ meme queen. I love a good meme and while mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed it got me thinking, who on earth are the hilarious human beings behind these memes? WHO DID THIS? WHO MADE THIS?

That’s when I realised, that ‘person’ could be anyone! It could be Martha from down the street or Sonny the clown from work or even…ME! I find my humour fairly universal so I thought I’d have a crack at creating a few memes and in the process of doing so I realised how much I enjoyed it and how addictive it was!

I’ve included some of my meme creations for your viewing pleasure in this post 🙂

I upload my meme creations on my Instagram account so feel free to follow me here!

I hope you enjoy them!


Jo xx

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