#31 – Answering all your questions!

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Hi Folks,

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Last week I asked you guys to send me questions and a huge thanks to the 10 lovely human beings who submitted a cheeky question!

Without further ado…

How to ask a girl out on a date and what to do?

I love it when a guy is confident, takes the lead and musters up the courage to approach the girl in person to ask her out.

I also love it when people are straight forward with me so something along the lines of “Hey Jo, I’d love to take you out on a date, are you free for dinner anytime this week?” would be perfect!

Of course if that’s too forward for you, ask her over the phone, or text! Facebook feels too ingenuine.

As for things to do on a first date, I like the idea of dinner in a cosy restaurant, getting gelato after and then walking around somewhere picturesque or even a park so you have plenty of opportunity to get to know the other person and burn all your food off! Stay clear of movie dates because this takes away the opportunity to bond with the other person!

My idea of a fun date would be wandering around night markets, Brighton Le Sands, going out for a drive somewhere, secluded beaches (Milk Beach?), Newtown is filled with delicious eateries and dessert places as well (so perfect for uni students).

Giacomo Mozarella asks Best looking guy at usyd law?

Hi Giacomo Mozarella, love your name! Buffalo Mozzarella is actually one of my favourite types of cheese. My answer to your question is no one because the only good looking guy in my eyes is my BF.

How did you recover from your eating disorder? I was restricting very similarly to you a few years back. I have a healthier relationship with food now and eat balanced meals, but I am still picky about my ‘diet’. I still can’t eat an entire pizza or a few slices of cake without feeling terribly guilty. Any tips on your recovery would be very appreciated

Hey there! Thanks so much for reaching out and for reading my story on eating disorders. Recovering from anorexia/ chewing and spitting was a real struggle because I was deeply proud of the strict dietary rules I created for myself. My condition was all about depriving myself of certain food groups that I had once loved. I deprived myself of any confectionary (sweets, cake, ice cream), meats and it got to a point where I was only sipping on green tea and nibbling on salads. By depriving my body I felt like I was in complete control and I was hooked on this sensation. I trained my brain to think that the gurgling noises of my empty stomach were like tunes from a symphony.

I recall snapping out of my eating disorder really quickly after getting the shock of my life at the doctors. The doctor said that I wouldn’t be able to bear any children if I continued at the rate I was going. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a mother so the thought of being infertile was extremely upsetting and I was furious at myself for harming my own body to this extent. I was furious about the amount of damage I had done and from then onwards I was all about reversing the damage and striving for a balanced diet and having a healthy relationship with food.

It’s a mental thing. You have to want to get better in order to get better. I was motivated by motherhood and wanting to avoid being hospitalised.

Don’t feel guilty about pizza! Please don’t obsess over food. The less you care about calories the better you’ll get 🙂

Ev asks When are we hanging out again tho? 😛

Yo Evg! Haha let’s hang after exams 😛 ? I’ll call you out – I PROMISE!

Honey boo boo asks Joanne, do you think it’s possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time?

HONEY BOO BOO! I don’t think it’s possible to be in love with 2 or more people simultaneously! I don’t think the human brain is capable of loving more than one person at any given time. If you’ve developed feelings for someone outside your current relationship it might mean that something’s deficient in your relationship with your partner and that’s why your mind has wondered off. I always use the phrase “wandered off”. Your mind wanders when you don’t feel stimulated or if its not the right fit for you…

What would you do, if you popped a pimple on your face, and liquid poo oozed out?

LOL whoever left me this question – you’re ONE GROTTY NAUGHTY human being. I’m guilty of popping my pimples all the time. I used to do it with my fingers but lately I’ve been popping with cotton tips dipped in tea tree oil and this has been EXTREMELY effective haha. Found this from Google: a small amount of oil will penetrate the skin to unblock the sebaceous glands, disinfect pores and dry out whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and other blemishes.

ascrubisaguywhothinkshesfly asks Hey Joanne, I love your blog.
There is a really handsome guy at work and we’ve been making eye contact for a couple weeks now, but haven’t really spoken properly. We have been introduced to each other, but he doesn’t really make an effort to talk to me when we walk past each other etc. I know we are both kinda keen because there is the eye contact, but I’m not sure what to do next? I’m pretty nervous so don’t want to ask him upfront for a drink. Should I wait it out?

Hi there thank you so much for the blog appreciation 😌 I had to Google your name to figure out what that was about and it’s a part of a song!! This was one of my favourite submissions because I love hearing about the early stages of romance and I felt all giddy with excitement for you. HECK YES for the handsome guy at work and HECK YES for the eye contact! I definitely think you should start with making small talk to get to know him better. Seeing as you work at the same place, why not start with something casual and low commitment like grabbing lunch together? I love bonding with people over humour and cracking jokes – laughter brings people together. So perhaps try that? Don’t wait it out! Approach him! That’s how I ended up with my current BF and NO RAGRETS EVA GURLFREN XOX

P.s. you must update me on how things go – please don’t leave me hanging okay??

Anon asks Would you ever be in a polyamorous relationship? 

Oooooooh polyamory is definitely not for me. I’m a very loyal chook (born in the year of the roosters, roosters are known to be fiercly loyal) and it’s not in my nature to have multiple partners. I almost feel like polyamory is akin to friends with benefits and at the end of the day someone is likely to get emotionally hurt, jealous etc. It’s a no from me!

Wendell asks Hello there, who is your favourite Wendell? 

Why hello there! This is a tough one. I’m utterly in love with two Wendells. One lives in Sydney and the other lives in San Francisco: https://www.instagram.com/wendelltheweenie/

Anon asks Hey, glad to see you’re doing well after highschool

Hiya, you were the first to leave me a note 🙂 Thank you so much! I’m guessing you went to Ruse as well? I’m curious where you’ve ended up. Feel free to drop me another note if you ever get around to reading this reply! Haha I wasn’t doing too well straight after high school. I was on struggle street and quite unhappy with my life for a couple of years. I never really felt like I fit in and I wrote a post about my experiences here: https://iamennaojkim.com/25-why-is-no-one-talking-about-post-graduate-depression/.

Fast forward to today and I’m in a much happier place because I’m chasing a path that I’m passionate about. Career-wise digital x ecommerce x consulting is definitely where I want to be and… if I was going to be wild and whacky, starting my own sustainable fashion line (using silks, linens and denim) would be a total dream.

Evidently I really enjoy blogging and I wouldn’t mind becoming a fulltime blogger one day as well. I know that bloggers have a bad rep for becoming sell-outs to sponsorship but I want to finish by quoting Lydia Elisa Millen “The [blogging] industry has gotten so big that people often ask the question “when will the bubble burst?” and I firmly believe that it’s only the people who don’t look after their integrity who need worry about anything bursting”. Being honest and transparent is what I’m all about and I hope that readers continue to appreciate this aspect about Iamennaojkim.com <3 This response probably could’ve been much shorter haha!

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