#3 – Eye see you

Hey, whatsup? Hello 🙌  
Seen yo pretty ass soon as you came in the door 🎧 

Can you guess what song that is? YAS! It’s Trap Queen. I hope you’re digging the creativity I’m putting into the intros for these blog posts haha.

So how are you? Anything exciting happen? On my end, I’ve decided to take an “All In Or Nothing” approach to life. What prompted this? Gary Vaynerchuk did. And who TF is Gary? Well you’re just about to find out! Click on the iPhone and you’ll be able to listen to the phone call I had with him.

Gary made me realise that I’ve been half arsing way too many aspects of my life and that’s what made me average. He made me realise that I have a big problem with commitment and fully committing to the things I’ve started. I know I’ve left a bunch of things hanging because I didn’t fully follow through and I’m not proud of this at all. 

I felt my motivation levels dip, and I felt lost and directionless with life. This was THE wake-up call that I needed. It renewed my motivations and hunger to push harder with the things I’m really passionate about. Starting this blog is one and I’m going to try and blog as regularly as possible.

If you also want to be a part of this movement, I highly recommend you to click on the iPhone. And I lied. We didn’t have a phone call. It’s just a hyperlink to a YouTube video of him.  🙌   🙌  

Moving along! Here’s a few topic areas that I think might strike a chord with many of you. These are the kind of (controversial) topics I hope to flesh out in the coming weeks when my life starts to settle:

  • How society has fabricated ‘success’ on how many badges you’ve earned, how excellent your grades are, how respectable your occupation is, how lavish your house is. But how is this OKAY? You’re anchoring your self worth and happiness on labels and assets which don’t mean much to you when you’re on your death bed.
  • How tertiary education is a scam. *trigger warning* University lecturers are largely responsible for making the learning experience enriching. If all they’re doing is spitting out teaching notes or content from a textbook without putting any thought into making class engaging – then are they really teaching? It saddens me that the entirety of my law degree, save for one or two lecturers, didn’t seem to care about the dynamics of the class/ students well-being. Which makes me think, are our degrees truly worth what they’re worth?
    • Edit: This is just my own personal experience.
  • How we’re glamorising certain occupations like investment banking or the medical field without openly speaking out about the mental health issues, inhumane working hours. Why are we glamorising this? Do you realise the huge expectation versus reality disparity that people are hit with because of this glamorisation? Wake up world.
  • How we’ve all grown up to be a little too precious and we really just need to suck it up sometimes. Stop being so offended by life. You need to have some chill. I get irritated by the keyboard warriors who are so f***ing sensitive and negative about everything. Not every product out there was made for you, so if you dislike it then don’t buy it. Not every social media post out there was made to entertain you. So if you don’t find it funny then JUST CLICK THAT MINIMISE BUTTON. Stop leaving hate and keep your negative opinions to yourself.
(Whoa I caught myself getting really fired up about the last point. I had to stop because I was getting way too passionate.)


EDIT: I have just come across an acronym which nicely sums up my new life mantra. HAM. This stands for Hard As a MthaF*** hahahaha. I really like it. A lot.
Let’s go HAM fam xx

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