#27 – How to thrift guide – my thrift haul for August/ September

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Howdy everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Sunday basking in the sun. If you follow me Instagram and watch my Instagram Stories, you’ll know that I regularly go thrift shopping at my local thrift shop, Vinnies West Ryde. In this post I’ll be featuring some of the gems I picked up and styling some of the pieces that I purchased over August – September.

People often think that I’m all about luxury brands but this is so far from the truth! While I adore high-end brands, I also equally love sifting through stalls at the Saturday markets, going thrift shopping and buying second hand from eBay. People often comment that I’m an oddball for wanting to sift through dirty, pre-loved clothing but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it; especially when you can wash or disinfect it before use! I treat the whole experience like a treasure hunt and I get a huge thrill from finding quality branded items for a fraction of the price!

My proudest thrift find of today is the white Men’s Bassike T-shirt (styled in the first three pictures). I was so chuffed to find this crisp, barely-worn T because it’s rare to find quality brands like Bassike in thrift stores!! The shirt is in a size Medium so it’s an oversized fit on me. I purchased this piece with the possibility of selling it on my eBay store so keep your eyes PEELED girls and boys! Which leads me to my tips on how to thrift like a pro. It’s probably worthy to note that I usually thrift items with the intention of listing it on my eBay store to sell.

  1. Choose pieces that will give you a good ROI –  When I pick items, I try to choose key pieces which when sold, will allow me to fully recoup the cost of what I purchased my loot for. To give you an example, let’s say I purchased three clothing items for $20 altogether. One of the clothing pieces was a high-end brand that I could confidently sell for $60. By selling at $60, it would cover the initial cost of the $20 and I’d be left with $40 extra. I try to find high potential items that will allow me to get a return on investment.
  2. Check the men’s section when thrifting as it’s usually filled with gems! – My theory is that men thrift less for than women, so the men’s clothing section it’s usually untouched and FILLED with all the good stuff. The Bassike shirt is a perfect example of this.
  3. Bring a small bag – Your hands will be full with clothes and your arms will get tired from all the searching. So do yourself a favour and bring a small bag so it doesn’t get in the way!
  4. Wear something that is easy to change in and out of – This one is self explanatory.
  5. Be creative and mix and match! – Oftentimes, clothing items have missing pieces so get creative and mix and match! For example, the cream Silk & Satin robe (styled in the third last picture) was missing the waist draw chord so I nicked it off another robe in a similar colour and texture. You probably wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t point it out!


Style Inspo:

My style changes depending on the season and my mood. As the weather has been warming up lately, I’ve been heavily inspired by simple, breezy French outfits. Jeane Damas is the epitome of Parisian chic and her fashion line Rouje is absolutely BANG on point. The inspiration for her collection was “to go to the market…the market reminds me of the holidays and the summer and also my mother who always went looking chic in basket sneakers and a dress”. It’s as if the line was made for me!! As mentioned earlier, I love browsing the markets and being a Spring baby, I love warm summery weather so no wonder I feel such a connection with her line!

Shoe inspiration: Featuring prominently in all of my outfits is a heeled espadrille sandal by Campesina (a Spanish brand). It’s basically a dupe for Castaner a brand that I’ve been lusting over for a while now. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve spent a stupid amount of time during class scrolling through blog posts on Castaner’s to research on sizing since they’re not stocked in Australia and online is the only way of purchasing. Fortunately on my visit to TK Max at Top Ryde, I came across Campesina’s which were essentially the same as Castaner’s but half the price! WINNING!!

This feminine espadrille shoe is all kinds of wonderful! It’s hand-made in Spain for optimal walking comfort and has the perfect wedge height for everyday wear. I love how they instantly add style and height to my wardrobe, making them my go-to summer shoe!


I’ve tried something different today to make the outfit shots a little interesting. I hope you enjoy it!


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