#26 – The Art gallery | MCA | 19.08.17

Hey folks!

If you follow me already on @ennaojkim, you’ll be well aware that I made a spontaneous little trip to the MCA last Saturday with the gorgeous Susanna Su! Miss Su is a stylish baby lawyer, who will Su yo ass. So youse better beware of this feisty lil lady. Only kidding! Suzi is the kindest and a massive babe.

Roughly 6 years had passed since graduating from the same high school, so we brought each other up to speed while scoffing down pasta, tiramisu and cake from restaurants nearby and then we wandered into the gallery with no real agenda. Within moments of being surrounded by all the artwork and particularly the installation by Mikala Dwyer, it became very clear to us that the MCA was a prime location for photographic opportunities. So we seized the opportunity to have a full blown photo shoot!

As you’ll soon discover, we were relatively serious in the beginning and then we got progressively cheekier. The photos speak for themselves!




THIS is how many sushi plates I can eat! How many can you do?

Third-wheeling: It’ll be fun they said. 🙁

Who’s a good boi?


Welcome welcome. Welcome to my humble abode.

Mikala DwyerUntitled, 1992–94. Installation view, MCA Collection: Today Tomorrow Yesterday, Museum of Contemporary Art, 2017

Jenny Watson, installation view, Jenny Watson: The Fabric of Fantasy, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, 2017

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