#22 – Chasing red and many other things

Ya girl is currently chasing after:

  • Time to shoot lookbooks (FT work doesn’t really help with this)
  • A photographer pal who’ll help shoot these lookbooks
  • Good skin
  • Gentle sun cream that doesn’t irritate my skin
  • A drivers licence lol
  • Bigger boobs
  • Bigger butt
  • Smaller waist
  • Long hair
  • Trip to Greece
  • Vintage mom jeans
  • Jeans with a sexy under the buttcheek rip
  • Denim shorts
  • Dark wash over-sized denim jacket
  • Red Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt
  • Lettuce hem tops

Ya girl is also currently OBSESSING over clusters of small red blossoms and blooms. I’m not a fan of big floral prints, I like em small, clustery and cute. Because I find them so visually appealing, I’ve started collecting pictures of them and I’m hooked!

If I could paste these floral prints on my white T’s or embroider them onto the pockets of T’s I’d be the happiest gal alive. WAIT…I’m pretty sure this technology exists…OKAY brb while I look into this!! I feel like I might be onto something!

I hope you enjoy my lil stash of blooms. If you also share the same taste in blooms as me/ or if you also have a stash of blooms please reach out cos I’d love to trade with you. HAHA I’m making this sound like some sort of shady drug deal but I promise it’s nothing like that. I’m just really passionate about bright, red flowers.

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