#2 – I was a model for a day

Hey y’all 😎

Thanks for sticking around for post número dos!
As you may have seen me mention in an Instagram story post earlier in the day, I got up to something pretty darn exciting last Friday afternoon. Your girl played MODEL for about 30 minutes haha! I can finally tick THAT ONE off the bucket list ✓
I was invited to model for ebay.au to shoot some promotional content for their partnership with ParcelPoint. This partnership makes eBay parcel pick-ups easier and more convenient than ever before! I’m not sure where this content will feature but I’m assuming it will pop up in emails/perhaps the eBay Seller Centre/ across social/ on ParcelPoint etc.
As you can see, this modelling opportunity was not a solo gig. I modelled alongside my extremely handsome friend, and we did a series of “passing the parcel” shots. I stood behind the counter and acted as the newsagent for a while, and then we swapped positions and he played newsagent.
We had to stare deeply into each others eyes for a solid 1-2 minutes to get the perfect shot and LIGHTING was a huge pain as the downlights cast harsh shadows over our face. 
Overall, the shoot was a success! Here are a few shots, I hope you enjoy them!
P.S. my life isn’t glamorous in any way and I’m very well aware of the fact that this doesn’t make me a “REAL MODEL”. LOL. Just disclaiming in case y’all think that this one-off opportunity has made my head almighty and big. 
Dress: Topshop (Selling this on my eBay store)
Hair & Make-up: Yours truly
Nails: A rushed last minute paint job about 10 minutes before the shoot. Don’t zoom in.
Watch: Daniel Wellington (thanks to the BF)
Photography: Ben Williams

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