#16 – Sunday Funday: Leafing an impression with sheer knit camis

Hola amigos, happy Sunday!

I’m currently in an incredible mood because I kicked my Sunday off a little like this:

I attended my first Body Combat group fitness class between 9.30-10.30am with my beautiful galfriend, Sienna. This class involved a lot of high intensity punching and kicking (think of boxing but without the bean bag) and BOY did we break out in a sweat after finishing the 1-hour session!

After our morning class, we paid Coles a quick visit for a few groceries and then as soon as I got home I whipped up brunch! As pictured below, I made brunch which consisted of: smoked salmon, with poached egg, avocado, sliced pickles, feta cheese on freshly baked wholemeal vienna toast.

Smoked salmon, avocado, poached eggs, sliced pickles, feta cheese and a sprinkle of pepper

I reckon I NAILED the poached egg (thanks to the guidance of my brother’s girlfriend, who happens to be a natural cook) and I reckon if people were to score it, I’d receive a solid 8/10 for it. HAHAHA I know that sounds really silly because I’m scoring my own dish, and that’s biased AF, but it was scrumptious and I would definitely eat it again.

I guess I could’ve dressed it up with some lightly boiled spinach and hollandaise sauce but ya gurl didn’t have spinach and ya gurl has no clue how to make hollandaise sauce 🙁 If anyone knows how to make hollandaise sauce, PLEASE CONTACT ME!

I was feeling extra creative today so I pulled together an outfit and decided to go shooting after wolfing down lunch. My outfit choice was was inspired by today’s sunny weather and my quest to add a little more colour to my wardrobe. You may or may not have noticed but the following fabrics/ looks are a big part of my life right now: silk blouses, turtle necks, frayed denim, fine polka dot prints, bare shoulders, sheer fabrics with lingerie peeping through, linen fabrics, spaghetti straps.

The location of this shoot may possibly be my “go-to” spot for all future outfit posts mainly because of the beautiful, lush, green foliage. How glorious are the big leaves?!

Here’s a gallery of pictures from today’s shoot and outfit details are down below.

Hope you enjoy!


Outfit details:

Vintage dusty pink sheer knit cami – System
Ankle-cut tailored black pants – Dorga’s New York (Korean boutique)
Minimalist black patent leather sandals – Vanishing Elephant
Straw hat with black ribbon – Gloss
Backpack – Louis Vuitton Montsouris MM Backpack



Seriously regretting my choice of underwear for the day. As you can see, I don’t abide by the rule: G-strings for when you wear pants. Haha. Also, my face cheeks (not ass cheeks lol) are a little flushed at the moment and I suspect this is due to being silly in the sun without any SPF. LESSON LEARNED! Always slip slop slap girls and boys!!

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