#15 – How I make extra money on the side (even while I’m sleeping)

Hola amigos!

You may be thinking… WHOA! Three blog posts in a week Jo? Yes! That’s right! I’m really trying to go HAM with this.

Today’s topic is going to be a thrifty life tip that has earned me some money while I’m sleeping!

YES, WHILE I’M SLEEPING. Isn’t that basically the dream? To be able to rake in money anytime, anywhere without having to actually sit at an office desk?

If you want to be in on WTF I’m talking about… keep reading.

Just to give you an idea of how ‘easy’ this is I’ve created a scale for you:

From ‘monkey’ to ‘rocket science’

 Difficulty: Monkey
 Effort required: Monkey
 Time required: Depends. As much as you want to invest in it, but I would say roughly  3-4 hours a fortnight

Okay let’s dive into this.

Y’all know that I’m crazy about fashion. It’s inevitable that sometimes I buy clothes/shoes/bags that don’t quite fit me or don’t quite suit my taste. Some people throw these items into the clothing bin for charity, or outright throw it in the garbage bin or they give it away.

WELL MY FRIENDS, I don’t do that. I sell all my clothes on my eBay store and through targeted Facebook groups and it’s been the best thing ever.

My proudest sales thus far:

  • Tiffany & Co necklace (RRP $645) Sold for $500
  • Ralph Lauren Overnight bag (Purchased for $150) Sold for $385
  • Louis Vuitton Bucket PM bag (Purchased for $150) Sold for $285
  • Burberry Coat (Purchased for $150) Sold for $275
  • Jigsaw dress (Thrifted for $15) Sold for $65
  • Realisation Par Ozzie Navy Star (Purchased for $120) Sold for $190

My mantra is, if you don’t like it/ if you haven’t worn it within 1-2 months of purchasing the item, it HAS to go. List it for sale!

Before opening my eyes to the sparkly world of e-commerce, I used to hoard and let unused items collect dust. Little did I know that every piece was an opportunity to make a little bit of money! You’ll be surprised by the craziest sh*t that people will buy.

For instance, I listed a bottle of USED BODY SHOP SHAMPOO (RRP $15) on eBay. This was fully disclaimed in the listing – that I had used a little bit of it. I had my doubts about it selling but hey, I WAS ABLE TO SELL IT FOR $9.99 and I even charged $10 shipping for it! Ridiculous right?

I’ve now sold items for my brother, my brother’s gf, my bf and I’m now listing items for friends who also want their items sold! If you’d like me to help you sell some items, please feel free to reach out to me through the “Contact Me” page or drop a comment below!

I’m going to answer a few commonly asked questions:

How do you know which items will sell well?

I avidly follow fashion trends and fashion icons. Keeping a close tab on what’s hot helps immensely with picking items with good resell value. I’ve been raving on about Jeanne Damas a lot lately. She’s the queen of timeless, clean, classic pieces that transcend the boundaries of time. Denim jeans, denim jackets, linen tops and pants, silk blouses, fine floral prints, fine polka dot prints. stripes etc.

These are the kind of pieces/ prints you want to build your wardrobe upon!

Focus on quality fabrics as opposed to cheap/ low quality fabrics. I love a good leather jacket.

Women’s AUS Size 8-10 sell particularly well. I guess this is the size that the general population fits into?

The next best (and most obvious tip) that I can give you is: buy low, sell high. You should search across website to get a general feel for how much an item should cost, and if the price falls below that, it’s a bargain! Buy it, mark it up, sell for higher!

What do I do if I have nothing to sell?

Go pay your local thrift shop a visit. You’ll be surprised by the amount of beautiful pieces you’ll be able to find for a fraction of the price. Occasionally I’ll shop a massive haul of items (loot for $100 and I got like 10 items!!). I top up my eBay store every now and then and then spend the majority of my Sunday just listing items. I haven’t done this in a while now so I have to get back on top of it.

Ask your friends and family if they have clothing pieces they want to get rid of. Collect that and start listing!

I’ve listed items on eBay before but they just didn’t sell. How can I increase my sales?

Images and detailed descriptions are everything.

If you take photos of your items in dingy lighting like you’re shooting in some low key porn star hub then buddy, that sh*t ain’t going to sell.

Take photos in the morning/afternoon in natural lighting where the light is streaming through. You want to capture all the details of your items like the prints or stitching that make your piece unique!

Take photos from many different angles.

Fibre content tags are an essential. People WANT TO KNOW what the item is made of.

For descriptions, I highly recommend you to start with a basic structure like this:

Brand: Provide the brand name

Sizing: Provide detailed information about the true sizing of the piece. is it labelled a size 8 but fits like a size 12? If it errs on the larger/ smaller side DISCLAIM THAT. Buyers hate ‘surprises’. They want to know exactly what they’re in for. Provide size conversions if the sizing is unconventional (U.S sizing).

Detail: Provide a brief description about the features of the piece

Fibre Content: Self explanatory

Condition: This one is really important. You do NOT want to be shady with the condition of the piece. If it’s in tatters but you describe it as ‘good condition’ people will get pissed off and you’ll be in hot waters. Disclaim any defects.

Measurement: Armpit to armpit measurements are great, waist measures are great too.

What kind of Facebook groups should I join?

Depends on what you’re selling, but for me I’ve joined a bunch of High end luxury groups to resell my luxury goodies.

I’ve also joined: Realisation Par Buy Swap Sell, Labels Buy Swap Sell, basically any “buy swap sell” page that exists for the labels I love, I have joined!

These groups are so great for making quick sales (and you can dodge any selling fees). You should always make payments using digital wallets like PayPal.

Use Goods and Services to avoid being scammed.

I hope that was useful guys!!


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